Sid Preskitt

For Congress
– 12th District –

Sid Preskitt

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No Compromises on:

  • US Constitution’s Original Intent
  • Second Amendment
  • Border Security/Legal
  • Immigration
  • Military Readiness
  • Education Reform
  • Election Integrity
  • Energy Independence
  • No Medical Mandates
  • Health Freedom
  • Term Limits

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid”

Here is some of what Sid wants to achieve, putting America First!

Introduce Legislation to hold elected officials accountable to their Oath: “The Oath of Office Accountability Act”

Introduce Legislation for mandatory prison for anyone convicted of election fraud: “The American Election Integrity Act”

Introduce Legislation for health and medical freedom whereby doctors and medical practitioners have the freedom to practice medicine without restrictions for all types of natural, nutritional and integrative healing treatments. Your body, your choice, informed consent, no mandates. “The Americans Deserve Health Freedom Act”

Introduce Legislation to insure an America First energy policy prohibiting importing natural gas or petroleum when the US has abundant natural gas and petroleum reserves: “The Americans Deserve Affordable Energy Act”

Introduce Legislation that would prohibit, for life, any financial payment or any other benefit to anyone illegally entering the US and be disqualified from gaining citizenship. “The Americans Deserve Border Security Act”

Sid Preskitt

Who is Sid Preskitt?

A lifelong Floridian, Sid is a US Coastguard Licensed Captain, has been in the commercial diving industry for 20 years+ and holds many industry-related certifications.

Sid co-founded and operates Commercial Diving Technologies, rated as one of the top commercial dive training facilities in the US, located in Hudson, FL.

Sid is the proud father of his son Jason, is a committed patriot that loves America and is dedicated to preserving our freedoms and our Constitutional Republic.


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Make America Energy Independent Again

Make America Energy Independent Again

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Dr. Carrie Madej

Endorsed by Joseph Dituri, Ph.D.

Dear Sid Preskitt,
I am so pleased you are running for congress. I wholeheartedly endorse your run for congress. I am with you shoulder to shoulder and having known you as a colleague in diving for 5 plus years I can state that you are the heart of what we need. You have the common sense and the guts to do what is needed. THANK YOU and please reach out if you need any help!!!!
BEST OF LUCK! Go get em’!!!!

Warm Regards,
Joseph Dituri, Ph.D.,
CDR, US Navy Saturation Diving Officer (ret)
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Hyperbaric Medicine – University of South Florida
Director, Undersea Oxygen Clinic LLC

Dr. Carrie Madej

Endorsed by Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr.Robert Malone

Endorsed by Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Peter McCullough

Endorsed by Dr. Peter McCullough